Latest Sunland Board Notes (September, 2017)


Present: Darrell Saunders, Tom Smith, Scott Seely, Todd Thomas 
Virtual: Robb Dibble, Katherine DeStephano
Absent: Parrish Lockwood, Dean Sprayberry, Jack Kling
Financials: Dues in the amount of $420/lot have been printed and are in the process of getting ready for mailing.
Water: Bids for the new well will going out later this month. Meter reading schedule will start next week to support billing in 1st quarter of 2018. Leslie compiled a spread sheet consisting of 25 full time residents. Average water use from 7/17 thru 8/21 was 4,292 gallons. We need to determine where to set the threshold for limits before overage is charged.
Park&Pool: Need to set a date for the end of the season employees breakfast. Need to update the job description for the new Park&Pool Superintendent to include end of season activities such as blowing out sprinklers and servicing the lawn mower. Todd will schedule a meeting with Jay to debrief before he leaves. Katherine will research and order a new table and umbrella for attendants.
Vision 2025: Robb was given the approval to go ahead with the land survey.
Respectfully submitted,
Darrell Saunders