Vision Questionnaire and Annual Meeting Voting Ballot

Download the 2025 Sunland Vision Feedback form as well as the August 19th Annual Meeting agenda and voting ballot.   The annual meeting will take place at the Sunland Fire Station Hall at 9:00am.

2016-03-14 Sunland Vision 2025 feedback

The HOA Board is asking for input and feedback from residents on the proposed preliminary Master Planning Site Development concept options as part of the long range vision for the community.

Please provide your comments and suggestions on the following form above and return to a board member, the office or email.

Sunland Vision Examples can be found HERE


Please find the download to the 2017 Annual Meeting Agenda and Voting Ballot. 

2016-04-30 Subcommittee Meeting Agenda

Latest Sunland Board Notes (July 15, 2017)

Sunland Meeting Notes - July 15, 2017

In attendance were: Dean Sprayberry, Jack Kling, Parrish Lockwood, Darrell Saunders, Tom Smith, Katherine DeStephano, Todd Thomas, Robb Dibble
Absent: Scott Seely
Financials - Parrish
Lots of discussion around the new budget for 2018. The majority of this was spent on the breakout of how much to charge for water. We all agreed that $12 per month would be the starting number. The dues for 2018 will be $420 per lot, with an additional charge of $12 per month for water. Water will be billed quarterly.
Water - Scott, Tom
Engineering has started on the new well.
Park & Pool - Darrell, Katherine, Todd
The cost of repairing the splash pad (15K) was added to the 2018 budget.
Discussion around number of persons allowed to enter the pool on ONE card. The subcommittee will meet at a future date and consider options.
Vision 2025 - Robb
A vote will be taken at the annual meeting to determine if this project continues.
Miscellaneous - All
A proposed new entry sign has been included in the 2018 budget.
Annual meeting will be held at the Sunland Fire Hall on 8/19.
The board has agreed the Sunland bylaws need to be updated in 2018. A subcommittee will be formed to address this task.
Respectfully submitted,
Darrell Saunders