Latest Sunland Board Notes (October, 2017)


HOA Meeting minutes for October 21st, 2017
Present - Dean Sprayberry, Jack Kling, Darrell Saunders, Katherine DeStephano, Todd Thomas, Tom Smith, Robb Dibble
Virtual - Vickie Gaskill
Absent - Scott Seely
Financials: Our current bank balance is approx. 220K, and reserves are approx. 160K. The goal for 2017/18 is to add approx. 40K to reserves to put us in better position according to what's needed per the recent audit. Money has been collected and the Lein lifted on Lot 8, Block 6, Div 2.
Water: A bid was accepted on the new well from DC Drilling (Cole Weilers)). Phase 1 (drilling) is approx.139K and Phase 2 (pump and hookup) approx. 35K.
Park n Pool: Need to check sweeps on the bath house doors to prevent entry by unwanted critters. Need to update the Park Maintenance job description to include end of season sprinkler blowout.
Vision 2025: Robb will contact 811 locate and the survey of the park will take place before the end of the year.
Miscellaneous: Christmas parade and festivities will take place December 2nd, 2017. July 4th festivities will take place on July 7th, 2018.
New Business: New board officers were elected for 2017/2018 - President Todd Thomas, Vice President Jack Kling, Secretary Darrell Saunders, Treasurer Vickie Gaskill. 
Next meeting will take place February 17th, 2018
Respectfully submitted,
Darrell Saunders