Latest Sunland Board Notes (February 18th, 2017)

Present: Dean Sprayberry, Jack Kling, Parrish Lockwood, Darrell Saunders, Katherine DeStephano, Scott Seely, Tom Smith, Todd Thomas, Robb Dibble (virtual).
Call to Order: Dean.
Financials: Parrish stated we have ~400K in the bank, ~42K in account receivables. We have 40K in the budget this year for Legal fees with regards to the Lot 51 issue. We have ~100K in our current Emergency fund. However, a 2017 Reserve Study that was done by Reserve Study Group of Seattle suggests an ideal full funded balance would be ~296K. The members discussed this and agreed we will review this in more detail at future meetings. Parrish also provided copies of the 2015 and 2016 year ending financial statements.
Water: Tom Smith presented that they are investigating using property designated as Parcel "A" (located across from the boat launch) for the location of a new well. All new meters have been installed, with 280 of them listed in a spreadsheet. It was agreed we need a water/metering policy complete with detailed processes. A suggestion was made that we should obtain one from an established Water District and make edits where applicable. At the end of March there will be training on software and meter reading.
Park & Pool: Katherine updated us on improvements that were made to the Cabana as preparation for the Christmas celebration held Dec. 3rd. Darrell has been investigating products and applications to improve the wall and floor coatings in the bathhouse. Measurements will be taken to determine amount of material needed and whether we want to hire someone to apply the coating. After some discussion we agreed some of this problem could be alleviated in the future if the bathhouse were properly cleaned on a regular basis. Darrell will look into the possibility of hiring a cleaning service. We also discussed that the septic tanks are due to be pumped this year. We will contact Think Tank and schedule an appointment when we get closer to the opening date.
Vision 2025: Robb said the subcommittee plan has been sent to Dean for review. 5K has been appropriated for planning in 2017.
Miscellaneous: An election of officers for the 2017 board took place. The results were: Dean - President, Jack - VP, Parrish - Treasurer, Darrell - Secretary. There was discussion around the official Sunland website and issues with updating. Jack will contact web developer Bob Mortenson. 
NOTE: Future meetings were adjusted due to upcoming holidays. They are now scheduled for March 25th, April 22nd, and June 10.
Respectfully Submitted,